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Executive Committee

The executive committee is responsible for managing the fund internally, including but not limited to developing the long-term strategy of the fund's portfolio management activities, training analysts, expanding organizational resources and recruiting and placing human capital within the Fund, steering mentorship programming, setting educational targets, placing and approving trades with the CMC investment office, and maintaining portfolio records as well as issuing weekly portfolio updates.


Zara Vakath
Chief Executive Officer

HeadShot Kian Shah.jpeg

Kian Shah
Chief Operating Officer


Kamila Melikova
Chief Investment Officer

Portfolio Managers and Vice Presidents

Portfolio Managers and Vice Presidents are responsible for leading their respective industry groups and monitoring the holdings in those industries. PMs and VPs are the fund's first line of defense for following and synthesizing material corporate news. PMs and VPs are further responsible for holding weekly meetings with all industry group members to review group performance, generate investment ideas, reevaluate current investments, engage in industry research, educate analysts, and provide internship and career support. PMs and VPs are selected and assigned to portfolio groups by the Executive Committee. 


Dylan Krueger
Portfolio Manager


Caden Rogers 
Portfolio Manager


Gwenivere Robinson
Vice President


Jenna Rempel
Vice President

Headshot (4).JPG

Peyton Ogasawara
Portfolio Manager


Will Turner
Portfolio Manager


Livia Hughson
Vice President


Anastasia Nikolaeva
Vice President

Ethan SIF Photo.png

Ethan Choi
Portfolio Manager

Rachana Muvvala's Headshot.jpg

Rachana Muvvala
Portfolio Manager


Casper Hoving
Vice President


Natalie Ionescu
Vice President


Analysts are responsible for monitoring day-to-day corporate news regarding the Fund’s holdings and updating upper management with material developments. Analysts will also contribute to the annual report by writing investment summaries. The chief charge for analysts is learning from PMs and VPs in preparation for future leadership roles in the Fund.

Isabel Carter
Varidhi Singh
Shelby Honda

Taleen Berberian

Timon Xu
Anushka Shah 
Vishnu Dandi
Gabriel Yang

Energy & Utilities
Rohaan Bhojwani
Tianning Qin
Shiah Sarkowsky

Kian Shah

Materials & Industrials
Elizabeth Barry
Kiefer Tierling
Carolina Nobili
Bet-sua Perez Marcial

Financials & REITs
Cathy Wang
Bella Lynch
Claire Vlases
Matthew Robinson

Muskaan Mahajan
Zane Yamamoto

Tech, Media, & Telecom
Cyrus Gaylord
Caroline Empey
John Horan
Om Sharma
Mehak Garg
Rohan Vaidya
Yahya Yousef

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